Mother's Day with Joan Osborne & the Indigo Girls

Fun times with the Indigo Girls and Joan Osborne.

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Bobby Osborne featured in Billboard Magazine

At 85, Bluegrass Legend Bobby Osborne Looks Back on Appalachian Upbringing & His Legacy

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Bobby Osborne in the Studio and the pre-order is live now

It has been a great experience working in the studio with a living legend.

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360 view of Compass Sound Studio and a new live performance of "A Long Way Gone".

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"A Long Way Gone" Slide Collage

A video collage to a song written about the Civil War battles around Nashville.

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Great fun tonight with @Indigo_Girls and @joan_osborne Thanks for the tunes! https://t.co/2MGjF8Ff5f
Thanks for speaking on this @sierrahull @vincegill @sam_bush @billboard @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #Original https://t.co/AQ5WQg1o4j
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