RT @nodepression: Hey there, it's a brand new #FreshTrack courtesy of Quiles & Cloud. https://t.co/HYqczkmpCA https://t.co/c5P7sbb1EU
RT @CompassRecords: New @bobbyosbornertx on @Spotify https://t.co/ZOL2TZVZlJ @alisononbanjo @ClaireLynchBand @RobandTreymusic @sierrahull #stuartduncan #ibma
Bobby's first music video. What fun to be part of this with @ClaireLynchBand @sierrahull @RobandTreymusic… https://t.co/QO0Pb8ERmH
RT @IntlBluegrass: This man never rested on his awesome laurels. We're thrilled @bobbyosbornertx's making new music on @CompassRecords. https://t.co/HBIHMcK1R3
RT @sam_bush: On the Road: Sam w/Steve Martin, @SteepCanyon, @JerryDouglas, @TimOBrienmusic & @alisononbanjo at @Opry on 3/19. Ph… https://t.co/ZBYga2c5ff
RT @RhiannonGiddens: Me and @alisononbanjo jamming while @SteveMartinToGo chills in the background...you can't make this stuff up! https://t.co/OEsIectGLH
The next thing to come out of the Compass studio will be the new album #original from #bluegrass #icon… https://t.co/Ob3qiaqz8q
RT @opry: EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes for the making of ORIGINAL, the new album from #Opry icon, Bobby Osborne. Pre-order 👉… https://t.co/zIW7JpP2YD
Group shot around the board with @OldSaltUnion. Keep an eye out! https://t.co/thkYxUYjr3
Working with @delmccouryband on the new @bobbyosbornertx album #bluegrass #livinglegends @CompassRecords https://t.co/ImejqJVFDg
Nice to see #mattmalloy of @thechieftains in #nashville for @MusicCityIrish @CompassRecords https://t.co/uHcojVRd1z
RT @CompassRecords: Tune in to @facebooklive shortly for @alisononbanjo @Gaffalo making music. #galwaygirl #galwaygirls #irishmusic https://t.co/6q9R4yJ7ss
Had a blast putting some banjo on this one. Out today! #fiercemercy @ColinHay https://t.co/pmQl4exUFa
Fun backstage @FranklinTheatr @altanmusic @JerryDouglas #altan #anniversary https://t.co/iWtiTaZQKU
Looking forward to sitting in with @altanmusic tonight @FranklinTheatr @MusicCityIrish
Added a #laurielewis track to my @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl @CompassRecords https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Keep Calm and Pick On by Compass Records Group #keepcalmandpickon @delmccouryband @alisononbanjo #playl… https://t.co/r7nfVCotef
RT @CompassRecords: Thanks @jimlauderdale1 for singing on the new @bobbyosbornertx album #comingsoon @alisononbanjo #bluegrass… https://t.co/aM5KxZ6XHW
Added a track from @BearfootBand to the #playlist @Spotify #picklikeagirl https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
Thank you @Paste_Music for including me in this piece https://t.co/tW9qKb8ZLD #bluegrass #glassceiling
RT @nodepression: Bluegrass cover of “Seven Nation Army”? Yes, please. @Bankesters @CompassRecords https://t.co/kR0i3b06Q3
RT @mandolincafe: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne, an interview w/ @CompassRecords @alisononbanjo & Bobby Osborne… https://t.co/5tQNS1F7SX
RT @CompassRecords: New track added to #picklikeagirl @alisononbanjo playlist @LaurieLewis @ronstadtlinda #nowplaying https://t.co/pae0yBG5Tl
RT @JamUSA: New Infamous @stringdusters album now streaming! Catch them at #ParkWest on 3/17! https://t.co/3rlcFnSOeM
RT @MerleHazard: Enjoyed talking w @ManuelaBBC about interest rates, politics, & my talented banjo-playing friend, @alisononbanjo. https://t.co/ac4Vg5Yjj3
Please enjoy! https://t.co/AiN56w8qn1 #christmas #Playlist https://t.co/AiN56w8qn1
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying #Bluegrass #Christmas #Playlist by Compass Records Group ft. @alisononbanjo @hillbenders @clairelynchba… https://t.co/yYsgUClJSx
Claire Lynch - NORTH BY SOUTH - #GRAMMY NOMINEE 2017 @RecordingAcad #grammys2017 #GrammyNominations #GrammyAwards https://t.co/7VceGKtJmx
RT @theKELword: What a fantastically joyful way to ring in the holidays and close out our Hangin' & Sangin' year. Hallelujah, every… https://t.co/SZ2TmdrXk4
Congratulations @ClaireLynchBand on @GRAMMYPro nomination! Loved being in the studio making this @CompassRecords… https://t.co/qtDoJw9AFK
RT @BillKristol: Are you a man or mouse? Squeak up! (4/ and END)
RT @BillKristol: politicians engaging in short-term pandering rather than long-term sound policy. To today's conservative economists and commentators: (3/)
RT @BillKristol: about the modern administrative state: arbitrary government bullying, no rule of law, no limited government, crony capitalism...(2/)
RT @BillKristol: Trump on Carrier/Rexnord embodies pretty much everything American conservatives loathe (or are supposed to loathe)... (1/)
RT @CompassRecords: Head over to our store for 40% off sitewide on CDs, LPs, DVDs, books, merch & more. #blackfriday #sale https://t.co/mdz2xXynhg
RT @amosperrine: @sam_bush @alisononbanjo @AlisonKrauss @heyheydellamae @delmccouryband @RickySkaggs @DollyParton @DwightYoakam… https://t.co/0EfLVxbTi4
RT @kimruehl: #Banjoist ISSUE IS HERE! Great writing from @chrispandolfi @alisononbanjo @ClaireLynchBand @JerryDouglas and many m… https://t.co/U2F4wAgcYn
RT @CompassRecords: Nice profile on @alisononbanjo in @mmusicmag featuring the #360video with @kebmomusic https://t.co/4FCLKOhML3 #WhatsGoingOn
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl by @alisononbanjo today's feature is @kakiking #picklikeagirl #greatmusic #notruemaste… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
RT @CompassRecords: A great concert for a great cause 10/20 @alisononbanjo @Indigo_Girls @ClaireLynchBand @FoundryAthens… https://t.co/u8WRJe23nG
Some of our friends are headed to @AcmeNashville tonight to see @WayDownWanderer #nashville #musiccity #NewMusicFriday
Lovely @ElleKingMusic rocked @opry & I added her to my @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
RT @ColinHay: Thanks to @thelumineers for the addition of "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" to their @Spotify playlist! https://t.co/fbdV1Ivhjw
RT @CompassRecords: Win #1 #teamcompass Fireball best instrumental recorded performance @IntlBluegrass #awards @specialconsenss @RobandTreymusic @alisononbanjo
RT @hearth_music: Great finale to our packed Hot Chicken Party! @alisononbanjo + @kaiakater singing "Banjo Pickin' Girl"… https://t.co/7RHYzZhjfg
Today @AmericanaFest #AmericanaFest #roadtoamericanafest https://t.co/wBfPojfgyp
RT @hearth_music: Hot Chicken Lunch Party w/ @MerleFest & Friends! 12-2@InDo Nashville! @kaiakater @doriFreeman @alisononbanjo @hearth_music @IntlBluegrass
RT @BluegrassLifers: It's a #banjo thing. #bluegrasslife #banjolife #banjoartseries https://t.co/BMs37XgC5K
RT @nodepression: You never know what you're going to get at an @alisononbanjo set -- but you know it's going to be good! https://t.co/2cChaZIRRD
RT @CompassRecords: @alisononbanjo #banjocat #picklikeagirl https://t.co/18AtFI3OGK
We play the music of #theband #lastwaltz #grassdwaltz tonite @FreshGrassFest 6:15. Hope to see you all there!
Here we are @FreshGrassFest! Excited to play and see everybody...
RT @CompassRecords: Release day! @ClaireLynchBand #northbysouth @alisononbanjo @belafleckbanjo @JerryDouglas #davidgrier #stuartduncan https://t.co/wBAfSkiIYE
Tutorial up 4 members of https://t.co/DCp3UAhBEX. Sign up for more videos & special offers #banjocat #picklikeagirl https://t.co/Rx8P23YELN
RT @hearth_music: Excited about our Hot Chicken Lunch @AmericanaFest Thurs Sept 22- @MerleFest @IntlBluegrass @doriFreeman @kaiakater https://t.co/cde473uys2
RT @Hilary_Saunders: ahh @TheLowestPair is in @alisononbanjo’s Pick Like a Girl @spotify playlist! yes yes, y’all! https://t.co/0dX53XDzqO
RT @FreshGrassFest: What more could you ask for?! @Glen_Hansard @crowmedicine @RickySkaggs @rosannecash @thedevilmakes3 @stringdusters https://t.co/fMhFUZuFn4
RT @MASS_MoCA: @alisononbanjo pumped to see you at @FreshGrassFest, and pumped we'll be seeing you on the stage twice!
RT @Hilary_Saunders: just spoke with queen @alisononbanjo + now blasting this Pick Like A Girl playlist she curated until Fri’s deadline https://t.co/0dX53XDzqO
RT @annkpowers: Nickelback just released a Don Henley cover, is this the apocalypse
RT @CompassRecords: Preview the new album #northbysouth by @ClaireLynchBand on #Spotify https://t.co/X3uEzek7Dd @lynnmilesmusic @RonSexsmith
RT @TheBGSituation: A banjo great & an @IntlBluegrass award-nominated producer, all wrapped into one: @alisononbanjo. #MeettheProducer https://t.co/nQyLOafMF7
RT @kebmomusic: If you haven’t yet, check out my vocal performance on @alisononbanjo’s version of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On! https://t.co/SVKNDWDNfA
RT @CompassRecords: We are getting excited for @alisononbanjo at @FreshGrassFest - get your tix now! https://t.co/JkukiAbvMG #massmoca https://t.co/2g5iLRcPkX
RT @nodepression: From Harvard to investment banking to bluegrass: #AlisonBrown’s unique path. @alisononbanjo https://t.co/eyudGzclVS https://t.co/6oc4R0p4So
@hearth_music awesome! Best to email our pub dept in office christina@compassrecords.com. Thank you!!
@hearth_music thought you guys might like to know about this Irish music group from France https://t.co/896cMbyZ6T buzz me if you have ?s
@SharonIsbin @ThinkYouKnowMus many thanks and happy birthday to you as well!
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl by @alisononbanjo Today's featured track is "Someday" by @aniellereid #picklikeagirl #… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
Don't miss Alison @freshgrassfest 9/18! Fest & single day tix: https://t.co/SUff4b5AhC #freshgrassfest #massmoca https://t.co/RFkfXmxzLS
RT @CompassRecords: Kinda magical & @nickibluhm's bangs are epic https://t.co/gy2DpvUC2v @pitchfork #classic #collaboration #ryanadams @stringdusters
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl custom playlist from @alisononbanjo Today's featured track is Ruby, Are You Mad at You… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl Custom playlist from @alisononbanjo Including a great track from a good friend @abigai… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
@allsongs How about French band playing Irish music, produced by John Doyle + hip hop? https://t.co/gcwkZ7Xs5s
@stephenmdeusner thought you might appreciate this. John Doyle produced French band playing Irish music + hip hop https://t.co/gcwkZ7FRdU
https://t.co/nVtqweaEqZ @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #mandolin https://t.co/fRN6390hzy
RT @grecian13: @alisononbanjo Carolina In The Pines - next on Country Belles https://t.co/BdJQcZLiyl
A lot of fun things planned for this year's @FreshGrassFest #theband #andfriends #massmoca https://t.co/SUff4aNZq4 https://t.co/hykb9F2ji1
RT @sstolen: @alisononbanjo @billevansestate @tomwaits @leeritenour all tonight on the big show 6p/Eastern #StolenMoments @wfyi
A #spotify #playlist for the holiday weekend! #4thofJulyweekend #picklikeagirl #banjocat https://t.co/fSmToL84eM https://t.co/jbjcfqGUBT
RT @bySheilaSelby: Nice PBS column by @alisononbanjo of @CompassRecords abt following ur passion. https://t.co/eK60a4J4Sy #bluegrass #music #banjo
RT @CompassRecords: Great piece on @alisononbanjo from @NewsHour https://t.co/IdS8O3xMhw #smartgirls #boss #banjo #passion #banjocat https://t.co/Vi9Y5kM24H
RT @CompassRecords: A great cover story about @alisononbanjo at @BanjoNewsletter #thesongofthebanjo https://t.co/u9K6vY1wmF https://t.co/zmC0KQOXFg
Alison profiled in Banjo Newsletter https://t.co/KN20wEI5hs
From the show in France. Thanks for the great photos! https://t.co/VAHFxjtwxE https://t.co/lKxdfQjD2U
European tour starts Friday night! For info, click here - https://t.co/nLHAZdDaFc https://t.co/KQR13c7k8T
In studio @SIRIUSXM with Special Consensus #bluegrassjunction #bluegrass https://t.co/HqcwqSOtAc
Getting ready for #Europe #france #germany #switzerland #CzechRepublic #TravelTuesday https://t.co/B7N90HKjWu https://t.co/7ZJ84GtBXE
RT @mkusa10: A Grammy winner and one of the best 5-string pickers out there. Been a fan for years. https://t.co/NvzpyqHH0U @alisononbanjo
@mkusa10 Thanks so much for posting this!
RT @SG_Milligan: WoodSongs On FolkNRoots Radio This Week https://t.co/JSGovfSoC8 @alisononbanjo @FrankSolivan @RobandTreymusic @CompassRecords #FolkNRoots
#TravelTuesday great day to announce European tourdates - FR, GER, CHE, CZ https://t.co/vVNGp7DsX0 https://t.co/O7z0eEMwqS
RT @CompassRecords: Nice mentions for these two! @alisononbanjo @MikeFarrisMusic https://t.co/kPz4eY6ebq
RT @CompassRecords: Named another favorite moment @alisononbanjo @MerleFest https://t.co/tXOmyFHmJx
Backstage with Jens Kruger of @KrugerBrothers @MerleFest #backstage #banjo #collaboration https://t.co/YpYzfuYnAN
RT @CompassRecords: Great show! @alisononbanjo w @webanjo3 @merlefest @ MerleFest https://t.co/GjxPrDomhc
RT @CompassRecords: Busy day for @alisononbanjo @MerleFest 3:00 Hillside Stage, 5:45 Walker Center https://t.co/a1Oe3KevPr
RT @CompassRecords: @alisononbanjo and Jens Kruger @krugerbrothers #backstage @merlefest @ MerleFest https://t.co/ntUOq2gYt5
RT @MerleFest: At the #MerleFest Watson stage on Thursday its @alisononbanjo. https://t.co/2IpvAZRO00
RT @MerleFest: Want to meet @alisononbanjo? Join us at the autograph booth at #MerlefestMall by 8pm to get your gear signed! #Merlefest2016 #MeetAndGreet
RT @CompassRecords: Dig this banjo lovers. #banjo #badass #bluegrass #likewhoa #stringdusters https://t.co/sb0Iy9trrI
RT @CompassRecords: We're getting excited for @MerleFest! Check out the official @spotify playlist, featuring a bunch of Compass artists https://t.co/rcXepBTswU
Banjo Workshop w/ @alisononbanjo in Fort Lauderdale. FL on 4/17 https://t.co/Xfh4TDXlHa #banjo #FortLauderdaleBeach https://t.co/40xYXcpbQ6
@SXMKyle Looking forward to the premiere of 'Compass Points’ on @SXMBluegrass today @ 12pEST! https://t.co/Y4SaM2gizI
RT @nodepression: .@alisononbanjo shines—but leaves plenty of spotlight for others—on this all-star album. https://t.co/KduyJV6nhb https://t.co/X6yTrcPID7
Bobby Osborne in the Studio and the pre-order is live now

It has been a great experience working in the studio with a living legend.

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360 view of Compass Sound Studio and a new live performance of "A Long Way Gone".

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"A Long Way Gone" Slide Collage

A video collage to a song written about the Civil War battles around Nashville.

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Missy Raines in the Studio

I'm looking forward to producing a new project for our dear friend and Compass label mate Missy Raines this month.

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7 Women Smashing the Bluegrass Glass Ceiling

Alison Brown has been at the forefront of bluegrass for years, first as a renowned banjo player and then as the label head for Compass Records. Compass is one of the best record labels covering the modern roots revival, and Brown’s hand has been on the wheel for their many signings; she’s also produced many of the albums coming out of Compass’ Nashville offices. 

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