RT @FiddlerBeckyB: Thanks so much for the spin today, @SXMBluegrass! 🎶 📻 @SIRIUSXM @alisononbanjo @sierrahull @molly_tuttle @TheNewHip… https://t.co/ZE2jvZK8Ww
Thrilled to be heading back to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this year with the First Ladies of Bluegrass!… https://t.co/eHewhr6ukH
RT @FiddlerBeckyB: Thrilled to be headed to Telluride in June with The First Ladies Of Bluegrass - @alisononbanjo, @sierrahull, … https://t.co/XrHvT8LQGg
RT @MuseumMaknMusic: We are excited to be welcoming @alisononbanjo back to the Museum next month! Alison Brown doesn't play the banjo. A… https://t.co/0fBhC6frXe
Jan 17 | Phoenix, AZ | Musical Instrument Museum Jan 18 | Carlsbad, CA | Museum of Making Music Visit… https://t.co/VRX2O3cKtv
Very excited to head West in the new year to play two shows with the Alison Brown Quintet! Jan 17 | Phoenix, AZ |… https://t.co/zTXHENl8bS
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our holiday album, 'Evergreen'! Click the link below to listen or purchase for… https://t.co/fXMKCPCtOj
#ThrowbackThursday | This photo was taken in LA the Summer of 1992 at the photoshoot for the cover of my second alb… https://t.co/Nf1n9FjppI
Thanks https://t.co/ZHD4JGuURw for the First Ladies of Bluegrass feature! @TheNewHip @molly_tuttle @FiddlerBeckyB… https://t.co/DdFvi4fPOz
Such an incredible time playing with these ladies last weekend! https://t.co/UsjJurkgU7
RT @nodepression: IBMA's Wide, Wide World of Bluegrass 2018 - See the photos and read @amosperrine's coverage!… https://t.co/R505dOqbt0
Excited to be sharing the stage with @heyheydellamae for these two upcoming shows next weekend! Fri. Oct 5 |… https://t.co/DAJO27Gmhf
A lovely piece from @indyweek that touches on my inspiration, the First Ladies of Bluegrass (@TheNewHip @sierrahull… https://t.co/ZoXOaC3tRa
Very kind words from @newsobserver about the First Ladies of Bluegrass. Thrilled to be performing with these ladies… https://t.co/9AqYIBWVAX
Had a beautiful evening with the First Ladies of Bluegrass at @analognashville last night. Looking forward to the… https://t.co/XCwLJHC4SX
The First Ladies of Bluegrass will be at @analognashville tomorrow for a special pop-up show! Hope to see you there… https://t.co/DiYPU3ONlN
RT @Deering_Banjos: Woodroom Session | Alison Brown Playing "Sweet Thing" https://t.co/Ok5oUcFhVb
The @FreshGrassFest has a special place and my heart and I can't wait to perform this weekend! I'll be joining… https://t.co/oBntFRKQRz
Visit my website below for a full list of upcoming tour dates such as @FreshGrassFest, @IntlBluegrass' 'Wide Open B… https://t.co/nB3rdswatC
Looking forward to playing some shows with @heyheydellamae on their #falltour! https://t.co/vA9FOetsQx
I'm thrilled to be performing with the First Ladies of Bluegrass at Wide Open Bluegrass in Raleigh next month! Will… https://t.co/dGIlxh18EW
RT @BluegrassToday: First Ladies of Bluegrass at RockyGrass https://t.co/kmlGxv84Ea https://t.co/uSd01XYUvH
Here's a great memory from World of Bluegrass 2017 playing triple Julia Belle @Deering_Banjos with two of my favori… https://t.co/4rLBoWZVcj
Looking forward for the 46th Annual Rockygrass Festival later this month! Who will I see there? https://t.co/BLvYHqysBn
I had the pleasure of chatting with Paul Anderson from "Bronzewound" on @werufm last week - follow the link to list… https://t.co/0Oj1zNypPE
I had a great chat with Ed Malachowski on @valleyfreeradio this weekend leading up to our show at Watermelon Wednes… https://t.co/Y3Mx7VRhWm
Looking forward to heading up to New England this week! I'll be in West Whately, MA on Friday and Boothbay Harbor o… https://t.co/cDnALyCLo8
I can't wait to perform at the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor on June 30th! Thanks Lincoln County News (@lcnme) for… https://t.co/VVeWx8ttSE
RT @MerleFest: Our press conference with @alisononbanjo @SteepCanyon @sam_bush and @SteveMartinToGo ended a short time ago. The cl… https://t.co/OifTOJFu0o
RT @ihad2ask: Press conference @MerleFest with @SteepCanyon @SteveMartinToGo @sam_bush and @alisononbanjo!!! https://t.co/tkgDQJYGRh
RT @trappercreek: @SteepCanyon with friends @SteveMartinToGo @alisononbanjo Sam Bush @JerryDouglas Jens Kruger doing a killer set on… https://t.co/Gli9GKu8Rd
It was such a pleasure being a part of Missy Raines' new tune, "Swept Away" - watch the new music video below! https://t.co/k40j4A09Sl
Had a great weekend at @MerleFest amongst so many talented players! Thanks @SteveMartinToGo for sharing this moment. https://t.co/fbJIxrssj8
Tickets are still available for my show @ Arizona Musicfest tomorrow (Jan 31st). Hope to see you there! TIX:… https://t.co/CZXvruC0pi
RT @TheBixMixBoys: You can not have a top bluegrass albums of 2017 without @bobbyosbornertx album "Original." He TRULY is. He is joine… https://t.co/kAtonpt0Q8
RT @AETN: Tonight at 9, celebrate the high spirits and mystical beauty of Celtic and Appalachian Christmas traditions in "Sou… https://t.co/HOjNNl6Kea
Bobby Osborne - ORIGINAL - For Your Consideration https://t.co/pIYhSzCAPg
RT @opry: How are we celebrating @bobbyosbornertx's birthday? By watching his new music video for “Make the World Go Away” fe… https://t.co/K1UN7lrit0
RT @nprmusic: Even at 86, Bobby Osborne doesn't intend to quit singing anytime soon. https://t.co/mJB1nPfKTK https://t.co/oAWyr7HZbR
Bluegrass Legend Bobby Osborne Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down : NPR https://t.co/VF312zUtNn
Congratulations to my friend @bobbyosbornertx @RecordingAcad #GrammyNomination #grammys #bluegrass #original https://t.co/tlPh4QXdCD
RT @nevisradio: #NowPlaying: 'Shoot the Dog' by @alisononbanjo #UpNext: 'Garden Dog Barbecue' by @GoGo_Penguin #JazzOdyssey #SundayNightNevis
Very sad to hear about the passing of Mel Tillis. Had the privilege to honor his recommendation that Bobby Os... https://t.co/ZKr7p9Rk32
RT @planetbluegrass: Fun Fact: Did you know five of our 2018 RockyGrass Academy instructors were the first females to win IBMA Awards fo… https://t.co/0xdUpCiy1d
RT @mandolincafe: Released this date 1973, Classic bluegrass album Old and In The Way https://t.co/YVxQIYIdSk https://t.co/KHosPjHnPj
RT @radmaxoctigan: I just heard @alisononbanjo absolutely kill a cover of 'Whipping Post'. Hard to cover an Allman Brothers song but she was amazing
RT @RecordingAcad: It was a 🎶 celebration at our @IntlBluegrass event! @jimlauderdale1, @alisononbanjo ➕ @bobbyosbornertx took the sta… https://t.co/I5frbgNTxJ
RT @CompassRecords: How we celebrate @IntlBluegrass #ibma while working. From video shoot for new @TheNewHip album produced by… https://t.co/Wcj73CroVx
Thanks @IntlBluegrass from the @CompassRecords #bluegrass #allstars @bobbyosbornertx @RobandTreymusic @FrankSolivan… https://t.co/s96G34A0y4
What a great moment for @bobbyosbornertx @IntlBluegrass #ibma #awards Recorded Event of the Year. https://t.co/6yOLaWttCc
Having a great time here in Raleigh at the IBMA Awards and World of Bluegrass Festival. Best of luck to all t... https://t.co/Ye3EpifCoO
RT @IntlBluegrass: Not that I'm bragging, but our Business Conference is awesome. Kickoff Party just announced! @RecordingAcad #WOB17… https://t.co/odjwRrAxNI
RT @IntlBluegrass: @belafleckbanjo @abigailwashburn @EarlsOfL @ericgibsonbros @BalsamRange @DLQuicksilver @jimlauderdale @RickySkaggs… https://t.co/0R56K4G0E7
RT @IntlBluegrass: @belafleckbanjo @abigailwashburn @EarlsOfL @ericgibsonbros @BalsamRange @DLQuicksilver @jimlauderdale @RickySkaggs… https://t.co/XjSWP3lFDZ
RT @TheBGSituation: .@IntlBluegrass' business conference begins tomorrow in Raleigh. We spoke to their keynote speaker @RhiannonGiddens: https://t.co/09w6FL6pB5
Announcing the 'Julia Belle' from @Deering_Banjos in honor of #johnhartford https://t.co/wsNe7HYUXd
RT @mandolincafe: Today in Mandolin History: September 20, 1991, Matt Flinner won mandolin contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in…… https://t.co/mOVGaUX2yn
RT @allmanbrothers: Pick a Peach: Alison Brown & Friends play the music of the Allman Brothers — FreshGrass https://t.co/de3LzZKf7N
Fun with @brandicarlile @FreshGrassFest #allmanbrothers #pickapeach https://t.co/4g2n85xzbk
RT @venetianblonde: .@alisononbanjo and co., tribute to @allmanbrothers @GreggAllman (I continue weeping, and dancing) https://t.co/kumipD4hws
https://t.co/OGKvsmm0AS @nodepression #prucha #banjo #bluegrass
RT @FreshGrassFest: "I can't wait...[The festival] is already blowing my mind." @brandicarlile talking to the @BerkshireEagle https://t.co/bmX28qwjR4
A happy moment with @molly_tuttle from @AmericanaFest @CompassRecords https://t.co/nq53nBnhcB
RT @SteveMartinToGo: If you don't know about bluegrass, this lineup would teach you everything you need to know about bluegrass. https://t.co/XVGVXZITfK
RT @annkpowers: Come see me in my old SF haunt! https://t.co/C92JYBvkl2
Looking forward to playing Sept 23 @BallState #priushall #indiana Tix here: https://t.co/RTBZRPWp0h https://t.co/UhinjkZsjk
RT @CompassRecords: Follow @alisononbanjo @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl #justadded "Human Highway" by @RebeccaFlatpick https://t.co/pae0yBG5Tl
RT @CompassRecords: #videopremiere @thebootdotcom @OldSaltUnion cover @PaulSimonMusic "You Can Call Me Al" produced by @alisononbanjo https://t.co/SOolb76peb
RT @bensurratt: Holy smokes, what a day! session for the new @CompassRecords @TheNewHip release w/@alisononbanjo @sierrahull… https://t.co/H7zvvMcq48
A cover of #poweroftwo by @Indigo_Girls for @TheBGSituation #catpics https://t.co/V3Hmz7TPk9
RT @IntlBluegrass: 1st woman to win an IBMA instrumentalist award? @alisononbanjo Alison Brown, for Banjo Player of the Year, 1991. https://t.co/yZNGNQcePR 2/6
RT @IntlBluegrass: Happy birthday, Alison Brown, from all of us here at IBMA, and thank you for all you do for bluegrass! https://t.co/0RYoH5pdSw
RT @FreshGrassFest: Happy birthday to FreshGrass friend @alisononbanjo! Can’t wait to see her again in September. https://t.co/RakE0to3zb
RT @IntlBluegrass: Looking for tickets to Wide Open Bluegrass? Look no farther! Get them now at https://t.co/iIckHq3kvq
RT @TheBGSituation: With @alisononbanjo producing, @OldSaltUnion's self-titled record became the most honest representation of OSU yet. https://t.co/DpGpHhtLBL
I'm very excited for my friends in Old Salt Union whose self-titled album is out today. I had a great time wo... https://t.co/RSTu26IzAq
RT @TheBGSituation: With @alisononbanjo producing, @OldSaltUnion's self-titled record became the most honest representation of OSU yet. https://t.co/DpGpHhtLBL
RT @FreshGrassFest: Fresh news: This year @alisononbanjo will present The Compass Bluegrass All-Stars, including special guest + living… https://t.co/uVqZ7wcJeF
RT @amosperrine: https://t.co/CYMEirf6T9 @AmericanaFest @AmerSongwriter @KenPaulson7 @KyleCoroneos @amershow @nodepression @AltCBeyond @alisononbanjo
RT @pmontoro: The Reader needs a part-time editor in the music section. Please RT to get this query outside my personal network! Women and POC encouraged.
RT @CompassRecords: New friends @Bonnaroo @TheBGSituation @edhelms @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #superjam https://t.co/ummCQubK0p
RT @bensurratt: New music from @TheNewHip https://t.co/GFx1vzHkMI
My article in @nodepression #picklikeagirl https://t.co/UM3VPfkY1k
RT @nodepression: Hope you're enjoying that copy of our Spring issue, Shannon @McNally! The rest of you can grab a subscription here.… https://t.co/5E22z6JxFw
From @nodepression #original https://t.co/xWlNS0Q0LW
@TwangNation in case you missed this #bluegrass #legend #beegees #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/bC7sJG4KBh
RT @sierrahull: Happy Release Day, Bobby! It's a wonderful album. So proud to be a part! https://t.co/8V39jcq8gC
A great profile of #original the new album from @bobbyosbornertx, @stringdusters on main stage & more in this month… https://t.co/1EFJK8UJXG
RT @TheBGSituation: .@bobbyosbornertx's new album, Original, is one of his best ever -- and you can listen to the entire thing at BGS: https://t.co/UaO4Jn8MBp
Great fun tonight with @Indigo_Girls and @joan_osborne Thanks for the tunes! https://t.co/2MGjF8Ff5f
Thanks for speaking on this @sierrahull @vincegill @sam_bush @billboard @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #Original https://t.co/AQ5WQg1o4j
RT @BluegrassToday: Alison Brown banjo bag available from Compass https://t.co/TOjLugAmpe https://t.co/Nz0BV5mMKi
RT @CompassRecords: Excited to see @bobbyosbornertx at #1! Congratulations all! @alisononbanjo https://t.co/612Bs1L1Ji
RT @KrugerBrothers: With my friend @alisononbanjo ~Jens https://t.co/mreE9V7JMW
RT @sierrahull: @alisononbanjo @MerleFest @bobbyosbornertx @WDVX @CompassRecords Such a great track!
RT @CathyandMarcy: Fun happened @Deering_Banjos booth @MerleFest with @alisononbanjo and Cathy duets! #banjo https://t.co/GvzNGKJpXW
@delmccouryband Happy Birthday Robbie! x Alison
@kaiakater Awesome - Pick it solid! X Alison
Driving home from @MerleFest. Heard @bobbyosbornertx Goodbye Wheeling on @WDVX from his @CompassRecords CD ORIGINAL. Thanks for the spin!
RT @nodepression: Hey there, it's a brand new #FreshTrack courtesy of Quiles & Cloud. https://t.co/HYqczkmpCA https://t.co/c5P7sbb1EU
RT @CompassRecords: New @bobbyosbornertx on @Spotify https://t.co/ZOL2TZVZlJ @alisononbanjo @ClaireLynchBand @RobandTreymusic @sierrahull #stuartduncan #ibma
Bobby's first music video. What fun to be part of this with @ClaireLynchBand @sierrahull @RobandTreymusic… https://t.co/QO0Pb8ERmH
RT @IntlBluegrass: This man never rested on his awesome laurels. We're thrilled @bobbyosbornertx's making new music on @CompassRecords. https://t.co/HBIHMcK1R3
RT @sam_bush: On the Road: Sam w/Steve Martin, @SteepCanyon, @JerryDouglas, @TimOBrienmusic & @alisononbanjo at @Opry on 3/19. Ph… https://t.co/ZBYga2c5ff
RT @RhiannonGiddens: Me and @alisononbanjo jamming while @SteveMartinToGo chills in the background...you can't make this stuff up! https://t.co/OEsIectGLH
The next thing to come out of the Compass studio will be the new album #original from #bluegrass #icon… https://t.co/Ob3qiaqz8q
RT @opry: EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes for the making of ORIGINAL, the new album from #Opry icon, Bobby Osborne. Pre-order 👉… https://t.co/zIW7JpP2YD
Group shot around the board with @OldSaltUnion. Keep an eye out! https://t.co/thkYxUYjr3
Working with @delmccouryband on the new @bobbyosbornertx album #bluegrass #livinglegends @CompassRecords https://t.co/ImejqJVFDg
Nice to see #mattmalloy of @thechieftains in #nashville for @MusicCityIrish @CompassRecords https://t.co/uHcojVRd1z
RT @CompassRecords: Tune in to @facebooklive shortly for @alisononbanjo @Gaffalo making music. #galwaygirl #galwaygirls #irishmusic https://t.co/6q9R4yJ7ss
Had a blast putting some banjo on this one. Out today! #fiercemercy @ColinHay https://t.co/pmQl4exUFa
Fun backstage @FranklinTheatr @altanmusic @JerryDouglas #altan #anniversary https://t.co/iWtiTaZQKU
Looking forward to sitting in with @altanmusic tonight @FranklinTheatr @MusicCityIrish
Added a #laurielewis track to my @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl @CompassRecords https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Keep Calm and Pick On by Compass Records Group #keepcalmandpickon @delmccouryband @alisononbanjo #playl… https://t.co/r7nfVCotef
RT @CompassRecords: Thanks @jimlauderdale1 for singing on the new @bobbyosbornertx album #comingsoon @alisononbanjo #bluegrass… https://t.co/aM5KxZ6XHW
Added a track from @BearfootBand to the #playlist @Spotify #picklikeagirl https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
Thank you @Paste_Music for including me in this piece https://t.co/tW9qKb8ZLD #bluegrass #glassceiling
RT @nodepression: Bluegrass cover of “Seven Nation Army”? Yes, please. @Bankesters @CompassRecords https://t.co/kR0i3b06Q3
RT @mandolincafe: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne, an interview w/ @CompassRecords @alisononbanjo & Bobby Osborne… https://t.co/5tQNS1F7SX
RT @CompassRecords: New track added to #picklikeagirl @alisononbanjo playlist @LaurieLewis @ronstadtlinda #nowplaying https://t.co/pae0yBG5Tl
RT @JamUSA: New Infamous @stringdusters album now streaming! Catch them at #ParkWest on 3/17! https://t.co/3rlcFnSOeM
RT @MerleHazard: Enjoyed talking w @ManuelaBBC about interest rates, politics, & my talented banjo-playing friend, @alisononbanjo. https://t.co/ac4Vg5Yjj3
Please enjoy! https://t.co/AiN56w8qn1 #christmas #Playlist https://t.co/AiN56w8qn1
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying #Bluegrass #Christmas #Playlist by Compass Records Group ft. @alisononbanjo @hillbenders @clairelynchba… https://t.co/yYsgUClJSx
Claire Lynch - NORTH BY SOUTH - #GRAMMY NOMINEE 2017 @RecordingAcad #grammys2017 #GrammyNominations #GrammyAwards https://t.co/7VceGKtJmx
RT @theKELword: What a fantastically joyful way to ring in the holidays and close out our Hangin' & Sangin' year. Hallelujah, every… https://t.co/SZ2TmdrXk4
Congratulations @ClaireLynchBand on @GRAMMYPro nomination! Loved being in the studio making this @CompassRecords… https://t.co/qtDoJw9AFK
RT @BillKristol: Are you a man or mouse? Squeak up! (4/ and END)
RT @BillKristol: politicians engaging in short-term pandering rather than long-term sound policy. To today's conservative economists and commentators: (3/)
RT @BillKristol: about the modern administrative state: arbitrary government bullying, no rule of law, no limited government, crony capitalism...(2/)
RT @BillKristol: Trump on Carrier/Rexnord embodies pretty much everything American conservatives loathe (or are supposed to loathe)... (1/)
RT @CompassRecords: Head over to our store for 40% off sitewide on CDs, LPs, DVDs, books, merch & more. #blackfriday #sale https://t.co/mdz2xXynhg
RT @amosperrine: @sam_bush @alisononbanjo @AlisonKrauss @heyheydellamae @delmccouryband @RickySkaggs @DollyParton @DwightYoakam… https://t.co/0EfLVxbTi4
RT @kimruehl: #Banjoist ISSUE IS HERE! Great writing from @chrispandolfi @alisononbanjo @ClaireLynchBand @JerryDouglas and many m… https://t.co/U2F4wAgcYn
RT @CompassRecords: Nice profile on @alisononbanjo in @mmusicmag featuring the #360video with @kebmomusic https://t.co/4FCLKOhML3 #WhatsGoingOn
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl by @alisononbanjo today's feature is @kakiking #picklikeagirl #greatmusic #notruemaste… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
RT @CompassRecords: A great concert for a great cause 10/20 @alisononbanjo @Indigo_Girls @ClaireLynchBand @FoundryAthens… https://t.co/u8WRJe23nG
Some of our friends are headed to @AcmeNashville tonight to see @WayDownWanderer #nashville #musiccity #NewMusicFriday
Lovely @ElleKingMusic rocked @opry & I added her to my @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
RT @ColinHay: Thanks to @thelumineers for the addition of "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" to their @Spotify playlist! https://t.co/fbdV1Ivhjw
RT @CompassRecords: Win #1 #teamcompass Fireball best instrumental recorded performance @IntlBluegrass #awards @specialconsenss @RobandTreymusic @alisononbanjo
RT @hearth_music: Great finale to our packed Hot Chicken Party! @alisononbanjo + @kaiakater singing "Banjo Pickin' Girl"… https://t.co/7RHYzZhjfg
Today @AmericanaFest #AmericanaFest #roadtoamericanafest https://t.co/wBfPojfgyp
RT @hearth_music: Hot Chicken Lunch Party w/ @MerleFest & Friends! 12-2@InDo Nashville! @kaiakater @doriFreeman @alisononbanjo @hearth_music @IntlBluegrass
RT @BluegrassLifers: It's a #banjo thing. #bluegrasslife #banjolife #banjoartseries https://t.co/BMs37XgC5K
RT @nodepression: You never know what you're going to get at an @alisononbanjo set -- but you know it's going to be good! https://t.co/2cChaZIRRD
RT @CompassRecords: @alisononbanjo #banjocat #picklikeagirl https://t.co/18AtFI3OGK
We play the music of #theband #lastwaltz #grassdwaltz tonite @FreshGrassFest 6:15. Hope to see you all there!
Here we are @FreshGrassFest! Excited to play and see everybody...
RT @CompassRecords: Release day! @ClaireLynchBand #northbysouth @alisononbanjo @belafleckbanjo @JerryDouglas #davidgrier #stuartduncan https://t.co/wBAfSkiIYE
Tutorial up 4 members of https://t.co/DCp3UAhBEX. Sign up for more videos & special offers #banjocat #picklikeagirl https://t.co/Rx8P23YELN
RT @hearth_music: Excited about our Hot Chicken Lunch @AmericanaFest Thurs Sept 22- @MerleFest @IntlBluegrass @doriFreeman @kaiakater https://t.co/cde473uys2
RT @Hilary_Saunders: ahh @TheLowestPair is in @alisononbanjo’s Pick Like a Girl @spotify playlist! yes yes, y’all! https://t.co/0dX53XDzqO
RT @FreshGrassFest: What more could you ask for?! @Glen_Hansard @crowmedicine @RickySkaggs @rosannecash @thedevilmakes3 @stringdusters https://t.co/fMhFUZuFn4
RT @MASS_MoCA: @alisononbanjo pumped to see you at @FreshGrassFest, and pumped we'll be seeing you on the stage twice!
RT @Hilary_Saunders: just spoke with queen @alisononbanjo + now blasting this Pick Like A Girl playlist she curated until Fri’s deadline https://t.co/0dX53XDzqO
RT @annkpowers: Nickelback just released a Don Henley cover, is this the apocalypse
RT @CompassRecords: Preview the new album #northbysouth by @ClaireLynchBand on #Spotify https://t.co/X3uEzek7Dd @lynnmilesmusic @RonSexsmith
RT @TheBGSituation: A banjo great & an @IntlBluegrass award-nominated producer, all wrapped into one: @alisononbanjo. #MeettheProducer https://t.co/nQyLOafMF7
RT @kebmomusic: If you haven’t yet, check out my vocal performance on @alisononbanjo’s version of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On! https://t.co/SVKNDWDNfA
RT @CompassRecords: We are getting excited for @alisononbanjo at @FreshGrassFest - get your tix now! https://t.co/JkukiAbvMG #massmoca https://t.co/2g5iLRcPkX
RT @nodepression: From Harvard to investment banking to bluegrass: #AlisonBrown’s unique path. @alisononbanjo https://t.co/eyudGzclVS https://t.co/6oc4R0p4So
@hearth_music awesome! Best to email our pub dept in office christina@compassrecords.com. Thank you!!
@hearth_music thought you guys might like to know about this Irish music group from France https://t.co/896cMbyZ6T buzz me if you have ?s
@SharonIsbin @ThinkYouKnowMus many thanks and happy birthday to you as well!
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl by @alisononbanjo Today's featured track is "Someday" by @aniellereid #picklikeagirl #… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
Don't miss Alison @freshgrassfest 9/18! Fest & single day tix: https://t.co/SUff4b5AhC #freshgrassfest #massmoca https://t.co/RFkfXmxzLS
RT @CompassRecords: Kinda magical & @nickibluhm's bangs are epic https://t.co/gy2DpvUC2v @pitchfork #classic #collaboration #ryanadams @stringdusters
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl custom playlist from @alisononbanjo Today's featured track is Ruby, Are You Mad at You… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl Custom playlist from @alisononbanjo Including a great track from a good friend @abigai… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
@allsongs How about French band playing Irish music, produced by John Doyle + hip hop? https://t.co/gcwkZ7Xs5s
@stephenmdeusner thought you might appreciate this. John Doyle produced French band playing Irish music + hip hop https://t.co/gcwkZ7FRdU
https://t.co/nVtqweaEqZ @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #mandolin https://t.co/fRN6390hzy
RT @grecian13: @alisononbanjo Carolina In The Pines - next on Country Belles https://t.co/BdJQcZLiyl
A lot of fun things planned for this year's @FreshGrassFest #theband #andfriends #massmoca https://t.co/SUff4aNZq4 https://t.co/hykb9F2ji1
RT @sstolen: @alisononbanjo @billevansestate @tomwaits @leeritenour all tonight on the big show 6p/Eastern #StolenMoments @wfyi
A #spotify #playlist for the holiday weekend! #4thofJulyweekend #picklikeagirl #banjocat https://t.co/fSmToL84eM https://t.co/jbjcfqGUBT
RT @bySheilaSelby: Nice PBS column by @alisononbanjo of @CompassRecords abt following ur passion. https://t.co/eK60a4J4Sy #bluegrass #music #banjo
RT @CompassRecords: Great piece on @alisononbanjo from @NewsHour https://t.co/IdS8O3xMhw #smartgirls #boss #banjo #passion #banjocat https://t.co/Vi9Y5kM24H
RT @CompassRecords: A great cover story about @alisononbanjo at @BanjoNewsletter #thesongofthebanjo https://t.co/u9K6vY1wmF https://t.co/zmC0KQOXFg
Alison profiled in Banjo Newsletter https://t.co/KN20wEI5hs
From the show in France. Thanks for the great photos! https://t.co/VAHFxjtwxE https://t.co/lKxdfQjD2U
European tour starts Friday night! For info, click here - https://t.co/nLHAZdDaFc https://t.co/KQR13c7k8T
In studio @SIRIUSXM with Special Consensus #bluegrassjunction #bluegrass https://t.co/HqcwqSOtAc
Getting ready for #Europe #france #germany #switzerland #CzechRepublic #TravelTuesday https://t.co/B7N90HKjWu https://t.co/7ZJ84GtBXE
RT @mkusa10: A Grammy winner and one of the best 5-string pickers out there. Been a fan for years. https://t.co/NvzpyqHH0U @alisononbanjo
@mkusa10 Thanks so much for posting this!
RT @SG_Milligan: WoodSongs On FolkNRoots Radio This Week https://t.co/JSGovfSoC8 @alisononbanjo @FrankSolivan @RobandTreymusic @CompassRecords #FolkNRoots
#TravelTuesday great day to announce European tourdates - FR, GER, CHE, CZ https://t.co/vVNGp7DsX0 https://t.co/O7z0eEMwqS
RT @CompassRecords: Nice mentions for these two! @alisononbanjo @MikeFarrisMusic https://t.co/kPz4eY6ebq
RT @CompassRecords: Named another favorite moment @alisononbanjo @MerleFest https://t.co/tXOmyFHmJx
Backstage with Jens Kruger of @KrugerBrothers @MerleFest #backstage #banjo #collaboration https://t.co/YpYzfuYnAN
RT @CompassRecords: Great show! @alisononbanjo w @webanjo3 @merlefest @ MerleFest https://t.co/GjxPrDomhc
RT @CompassRecords: Busy day for @alisononbanjo @MerleFest 3:00 Hillside Stage, 5:45 Walker Center https://t.co/a1Oe3KevPr
RT @CompassRecords: @alisononbanjo and Jens Kruger @krugerbrothers #backstage @merlefest @ MerleFest https://t.co/ntUOq2gYt5
RT @MerleFest: At the #MerleFest Watson stage on Thursday its @alisononbanjo. https://t.co/2IpvAZRO00
RT @MerleFest: Want to meet @alisononbanjo? Join us at the autograph booth at #MerlefestMall by 8pm to get your gear signed! #Merlefest2016 #MeetAndGreet
RT @CompassRecords: Dig this banjo lovers. #banjo #badass #bluegrass #likewhoa #stringdusters https://t.co/sb0Iy9trrI
RT @CompassRecords: We're getting excited for @MerleFest! Check out the official @spotify playlist, featuring a bunch of Compass artists https://t.co/rcXepBTswU
Banjo Workshop w/ @alisononbanjo in Fort Lauderdale. FL on 4/17 https://t.co/Xfh4TDXlHa #banjo #FortLauderdaleBeach https://t.co/40xYXcpbQ6
@SXMKyle Looking forward to the premiere of 'Compass Points’ on @SXMBluegrass today @ 12pEST! https://t.co/Y4SaM2gizI
RT @nodepression: .@alisononbanjo shines—but leaves plenty of spotlight for others—on this all-star album. https://t.co/KduyJV6nhb https://t.co/X6yTrcPID7
The First Ladies of Bluegrass: Live Debut at RockyGrass Fest

Thanks to Bluegrass Today for the great shout out for the First Ladies of Bluegrass set at RockyGrass. What a joy to make music with this talented bunch!

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“The Story of Julia Belle”: Deering Banjos

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Deering Banjos to create the beautiful Julia Belle model – learn more about the story behind the instrument in this video! 

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Bobby Osborne nominated for a GRAMMY

The album I was privileged to work on with Bobby Osborne and many wonderful collaborators has been nominated for a GRAMMY Award.

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The 50 Best Bluegrass Albums Made by Women

The Bluegrass Situation asked me and a bunch of other players and writers to contribute to this list. I loved getting to reflect on albums that inspired me and hearing that others were moved by music I've made.  Check it out - lots of great records on this list.

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Bobby Osborne wins his first IBMA

What an honor to be a part of this recording -  Working as a producer and player with Bobby Osborne on his album, ORIGINAL, and the song "I've Gotta Get a Message To You" was a pleasure and I'm so pleased it brought Bobby his first IBMA for "Recorded Event of the Year"

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