RT @SpotifyUSA: Words like poetry, @thebrobros are masterful storytellers on #CallaLily https://t.co/KH9gjahy7e https://t.co/oM1xMLJI6w
RT @nodepression: In the coming months the Through the Lens column will feature some independent roots labels and their artists that are a…
RT @HSBFest: Join us! Tell your friends! Let The Music Play On & On! Episode 6 finds Alison Brown hosting Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Han…
Look who dropped in for a tune! Watch the @ccfest @TransatSessions today at 7:30PM GMT / 1:30PM CT:… https://t.co/JnA3jZnHHq
So thrilled to join my friends from across town - and across the pond - for a virtual edition of @ccfest… https://t.co/iAU0dDLRoQ
RT @IntlBluegrass: The MLC is a new nonprofit that can help YOU collect royalties for digital streams! Join @MLC_US CEO, Kris Ahrend, and @…
Marvin Gaye left a timeless musical legacy. “What’s Going On’ is a goliath of a song, its message resonates louder… https://t.co/Nxp68PJNdN
Calling all banjo players! I’ll be teaching a chord melody class for the American Banjo Camp on Feb 13. Give your… https://t.co/o2MfGq0veI
Please join me on Tuesday as I host Episode 4 of @HSBFest’s Let the Music Play On and On. We’ll be featuring perfo… https://t.co/rr6L7vw3wJ
RT @HSBFest: Join us Tuesday at https://t.co/HLT5LuLOEU as @alisononbanjo hosts Laurie Lewis & Nina Gerber and @robertearlkeen for the four…
Nothing like playing "Blue Moon of Kentucky" with @RickySkaggs and @martystuarthq to help celebrate bluegrass music… https://t.co/ykSFcd1wn9
RT @theryman: Thank you to @countrymusichof for sharing this incredible performance from @alisononbanjo, @RickySkaggs and @martystuarthq to…
Thankful ☀️ https://t.co/0IjKZBUGpE
RT @CompassRecords: Here comes the weekend... @alisononbanjo https://t.co/WZWs0fqNZk
Current events have me reminiscing about hanging chads and the post election Nov. 1999. NewGrange was on tour duri… https://t.co/iEYtXBgGQX
RT @TheBGSituation: Banjo player and @CompassRecords founder Alison Brown (@alisononbanjo) on quitting investment banking to play banjo, gu…
“Here Comes The Sun” everyone. Thank you to @TheBGSituation for sharing. https://t.co/ZB3l8lq5XJ
RT @TheBGSituation: Banjo player and @CompassRecords founder Alison Brown (@alisononbanjo) on quitting investment banking to play banjo, gu…
Thanks to the @countrymusichof, @RickySkaggs, @martystuarthq, and Earl Scruggs’ Granada banjo for a magical moment!… https://t.co/X9DSbavjqi
Tune in tonight at 8PM CT for BIG NIGHT (At the Museum), supporting the @countrymusichof. #BigNightAtTheMuseum is e… https://t.co/iMctW188xz
Please tune into @gfbluegrass's #SpiritOfGreyFox and consider a donation to the IBMA Trust Fund to support COVID Re… https://t.co/7J4mZ5IVVF
RT @MerleFest: The lineup for next week's #DocWatsonDay! Join us via Twitter, Instagram (IGTV), or Facebook starting each day at 9am. We wi…
RT @nodepression: Special Consensus Pays Homage to Chicago’s Bluegrass and Country Branches Read the full album review! @CompassRecords @a…
RT @TheBGSituation: There are many unique twists to banjoist Alison Brown's (@alisononbanjo) story, from her first duo records with Stuart…
What a privilege it was to talk to the amazing (and banjo picking) Tom Power last fall. You can check out our conv… https://t.co/Vf5SuRAxm0
RT @CompassRecords: All of us at Compass Records are deeply saddened by @JohnPrineMusic’s untimely passing. As a fellow artist-owned indie…
RT @TheBGSituation: Banjoist Alison Brown (@alisononbanjo) named this tune "Poe's Pickin' Party" to poke fun at an actual picking party by…
RT @FiddlerBeckyB: Bluegrass Now! tonight! 7:30 pm CDT on @npt8 @pbs . @RhondaVincent13 @jimlauderdale1 @DanTyminski #LarrySparks @mollytut…
RT @LiveNationIL: ON SALE NOW: @SteveMartinToGo and Martin Short: The Funniest Show In Town At The Moment with very special guests @paulsha…
Always an honor to work with these Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you to @SteveMartinToGo and #MartinShort for invitin… https://t.co/VmIGJFN8cz
RT @SteveMartinToGo: A great weekend in Florida with master musicians! Next stop, the UK with @steepcanyon https://t.co/qd43aVcKp9
RT @FiddlerBeckyB: Super fun show to a packed house at the @RuthEckerdHall in Clearwater, FL, last night! . @SteveMartinToGo #MartinShort #…
What an honor to be interviewed by Larry LeBlanc for @CelebrityAccess. https://t.co/NCgxlWKRFQ
RT @CompassRecords: Celebrating 25 Years of Compass Records! 🎶🎉 #Compass25 #BearsBeetsBluegrass https://t.co/CF20EL6e5F
RT @bluegrasshall: @PBS will film a live concert at the HOF! Hosted by @RhondaVincent13 & @jimlauderdale1 the All-Star lineup features @ali…
Thank you to @BillCodyWSM for having @sierrahull and me on @WSMradio at the @countrymusichof this morning. The Fir… https://t.co/jCnaZnvkvO
Thank you @IntlBluegrass for the opportunity to kick off this year’s #IBMA #WorldOfBluegrass with the keynote addre… https://t.co/PJ9yBY30mt
RT @CompassRecords: Inspired after a wonderful @IntlBluegrass #IBMA #worldofbluegrass keynote address by Compass co-founder @alisononbanjo, …
RT @TheBGSituation: Unable to be in Raleigh for Alison Brown's (@alisononbanjo) keynote address at @IntlBluegrass's business conference? We…
RT @TheBGSituation: Alison Brown (@alisononbanjo) has given the keynote address at IBMA's business conference before, once in 2002. A lot h…
Very honored and excited to be included in the upcoming American Currents exhibit at the @countrymusichof together… https://t.co/h6lhcHG3gE
If you need a smile, check out this new song from my pal @MerleHazard. An honor as always to get to produce this on… https://t.co/dT96caaVrG
RT @MerleHazard: Here's a new one that I recorded with @alisononbanjo and her all-stars. Hope you like it! https://t.co/t044OdzGpH
RT @MountainStage: Looking forward to welcoming back @LeftoverSalmon, @TimOBrienmusic, @mattnathanson, @alisononbanjo, and… https://t.co/mGMiurGcMd
Looking forward to returning to @MountainStage with The Alison Brown Quintet on March 24th alongside some incredibl… https://t.co/Q0vyHnZ5KM
RT @heyheydellamae: "Sixteen Tons" is one of our most requested songs to play live, and we're happy to give you a recorded version feat… https://t.co/mKLbLaOHC2
RT @FiddlerBeckyB: Thanks so much for the spin today, @SXMBluegrass! 🎶 📻 @SIRIUSXM @alisononbanjo @sierrahull @molly_tuttle @TheNewHip… https://t.co/ZE2jvZK8Ww
Thrilled to be heading back to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this year with the First Ladies of Bluegrass!… https://t.co/eHewhr6ukH
RT @FiddlerBeckyB: Thrilled to be headed to Telluride in June with The First Ladies Of Bluegrass - @alisononbanjo, @sierrahull, … https://t.co/XrHvT8LQGg
RT @MuseumMaknMusic: We are excited to be welcoming @alisononbanjo back to the Museum next month! Alison Brown doesn't play the banjo. A… https://t.co/0fBhC6frXe
Jan 17 | Phoenix, AZ | Musical Instrument Museum Jan 18 | Carlsbad, CA | Museum of Making Music Visit… https://t.co/VRX2O3cKtv
Very excited to head West in the new year to play two shows with the Alison Brown Quintet! Jan 17 | Phoenix, AZ |… https://t.co/zTXHENl8bS
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our holiday album, 'Evergreen'! Click the link below to listen or purchase for… https://t.co/fXMKCPCtOj
#ThrowbackThursday | This photo was taken in LA the Summer of 1992 at the photoshoot for the cover of my second alb… https://t.co/Nf1n9FjppI
Thanks https://t.co/ZHD4JGuURw for the First Ladies of Bluegrass feature! @TheNewHip @molly_tuttle @FiddlerBeckyB… https://t.co/DdFvi4fPOz
Such an incredible time playing with these ladies last weekend! https://t.co/UsjJurkgU7
RT @nodepression: IBMA's Wide, Wide World of Bluegrass 2018 - See the photos and read @amosperrine's coverage!… https://t.co/R505dOqbt0
Excited to be sharing the stage with @heyheydellamae for these two upcoming shows next weekend! Fri. Oct 5 |… https://t.co/DAJO27Gmhf
A lovely piece from @indyweek that touches on my inspiration, the First Ladies of Bluegrass (@TheNewHip @sierrahull… https://t.co/ZoXOaC3tRa
Very kind words from @newsobserver about the First Ladies of Bluegrass. Thrilled to be performing with these ladies… https://t.co/9AqYIBWVAX
Had a beautiful evening with the First Ladies of Bluegrass at @analognashville last night. Looking forward to the… https://t.co/XCwLJHC4SX
The First Ladies of Bluegrass will be at @analognashville tomorrow for a special pop-up show! Hope to see you there… https://t.co/DiYPU3ONlN
RT @Deering_Banjos: Woodroom Session | Alison Brown Playing "Sweet Thing" https://t.co/Ok5oUcFhVb
The @FreshGrassFest has a special place and my heart and I can't wait to perform this weekend! I'll be joining… https://t.co/oBntFRKQRz
Visit my website below for a full list of upcoming tour dates such as @FreshGrassFest, @IntlBluegrass' 'Wide Open B… https://t.co/nB3rdswatC
Looking forward to playing some shows with @heyheydellamae on their #falltour! https://t.co/vA9FOetsQx
I'm thrilled to be performing with the First Ladies of Bluegrass at Wide Open Bluegrass in Raleigh next month! Will… https://t.co/dGIlxh18EW
RT @BluegrassToday: First Ladies of Bluegrass at RockyGrass https://t.co/kmlGxv84Ea https://t.co/uSd01XYUvH
Here's a great memory from World of Bluegrass 2017 playing triple Julia Belle @Deering_Banjos with two of my favori… https://t.co/4rLBoWZVcj
Looking forward for the 46th Annual Rockygrass Festival later this month! Who will I see there? https://t.co/BLvYHqysBn
I had the pleasure of chatting with Paul Anderson from "Bronzewound" on @werufm last week - follow the link to list… https://t.co/0Oj1zNypPE
I had a great chat with Ed Malachowski on @valleyfreeradio this weekend leading up to our show at Watermelon Wednes… https://t.co/Y3Mx7VRhWm
Looking forward to heading up to New England this week! I'll be in West Whately, MA on Friday and Boothbay Harbor o… https://t.co/cDnALyCLo8
I can't wait to perform at the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor on June 30th! Thanks Lincoln County News (@lcnme) for… https://t.co/VVeWx8ttSE
RT @MerleFest: Our press conference with @alisononbanjo @SteepCanyon @sam_bush and @SteveMartinToGo ended a short time ago. The cl… https://t.co/OifTOJFu0o
RT @ihad2ask: Press conference @MerleFest with @SteepCanyon @SteveMartinToGo @sam_bush and @alisononbanjo!!! https://t.co/tkgDQJYGRh
RT @trappercreek: @SteepCanyon with friends @SteveMartinToGo @alisononbanjo Sam Bush @JerryDouglas Jens Kruger doing a killer set on… https://t.co/Gli9GKu8Rd
It was such a pleasure being a part of Missy Raines' new tune, "Swept Away" - watch the new music video below! https://t.co/k40j4A09Sl
Had a great weekend at @MerleFest amongst so many talented players! Thanks @SteveMartinToGo for sharing this moment. https://t.co/fbJIxrssj8
Tickets are still available for my show @ Arizona Musicfest tomorrow (Jan 31st). Hope to see you there! TIX:… https://t.co/CZXvruC0pi
RT @TheBixMixBoys: You can not have a top bluegrass albums of 2017 without @bobbyosbornertx album "Original." He TRULY is. He is joine… https://t.co/kAtonpt0Q8
RT @AETN: Tonight at 9, celebrate the high spirits and mystical beauty of Celtic and Appalachian Christmas traditions in "Sou… https://t.co/HOjNNl6Kea
Bobby Osborne - ORIGINAL - For Your Consideration https://t.co/pIYhSzCAPg
RT @opry: How are we celebrating @bobbyosbornertx's birthday? By watching his new music video for “Make the World Go Away” fe… https://t.co/K1UN7lrit0
RT @nprmusic: Even at 86, Bobby Osborne doesn't intend to quit singing anytime soon. https://t.co/mJB1nPfKTK https://t.co/oAWyr7HZbR
Bluegrass Legend Bobby Osborne Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down : NPR https://t.co/VF312zUtNn
Congratulations to my friend @bobbyosbornertx @RecordingAcad #GrammyNomination #grammys #bluegrass #original https://t.co/tlPh4QXdCD
RT @nevisradio: #NowPlaying: 'Shoot the Dog' by @alisononbanjo #UpNext: 'Garden Dog Barbecue' by @GoGo_Penguin #JazzOdyssey #SundayNightNevis
Very sad to hear about the passing of Mel Tillis. Had the privilege to honor his recommendation that Bobby Os... https://t.co/ZKr7p9Rk32
RT @planetbluegrass: Fun Fact: Did you know five of our 2018 RockyGrass Academy instructors were the first females to win IBMA Awards fo… https://t.co/0xdUpCiy1d
RT @mandolincafe: Released this date 1973, Classic bluegrass album Old and In The Way https://t.co/YVxQIYIdSk https://t.co/KHosPjHnPj
RT @radmaxoctigan: I just heard @alisononbanjo absolutely kill a cover of 'Whipping Post'. Hard to cover an Allman Brothers song but she was amazing
RT @RecordingAcad: It was a 🎶 celebration at our @IntlBluegrass event! @jimlauderdale1, @alisononbanjo ➕ @bobbyosbornertx took the sta… https://t.co/I5frbgNTxJ
RT @CompassRecords: How we celebrate @IntlBluegrass #ibma while working. From video shoot for new @TheNewHip album produced by… https://t.co/Wcj73CroVx
Thanks @IntlBluegrass from the @CompassRecords #bluegrass #allstars @bobbyosbornertx @RobandTreymusic @FrankSolivan… https://t.co/s96G34A0y4
What a great moment for @bobbyosbornertx @IntlBluegrass #ibma #awards Recorded Event of the Year. https://t.co/6yOLaWttCc
Having a great time here in Raleigh at the IBMA Awards and World of Bluegrass Festival. Best of luck to all t... https://t.co/Ye3EpifCoO
RT @IntlBluegrass: Not that I'm bragging, but our Business Conference is awesome. Kickoff Party just announced! @RecordingAcad #WOB17… https://t.co/odjwRrAxNI
RT @IntlBluegrass: @belafleckbanjo @abigailwashburn @EarlsOfL @ericgibsonbros @BalsamRange @DLQuicksilver @jimlauderdale @RickySkaggs… https://t.co/0R56K4G0E7
RT @IntlBluegrass: @belafleckbanjo @abigailwashburn @EarlsOfL @ericgibsonbros @BalsamRange @DLQuicksilver @jimlauderdale @RickySkaggs… https://t.co/XjSWP3lFDZ
RT @TheBGSituation: [email protected]' business conference begins tomorrow in Raleigh. We spoke to their keynote speaker @RhiannonGiddens: https://t.co/09w6FL6pB5
Announcing the 'Julia Belle' from @Deering_Banjos in honor of #johnhartford https://t.co/wsNe7HYUXd
RT @mandolincafe: Today in Mandolin History: September 20, 1991, Matt Flinner won mandolin contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in…… https://t.co/mOVGaUX2yn
RT @allmanbrothers: Pick a Peach: Alison Brown & Friends play the music of the Allman Brothers — FreshGrass https://t.co/de3LzZKf7N
Fun with @brandicarlile @FreshGrassFest #allmanbrothers #pickapeach https://t.co/4g2n85xzbk
RT @venetianblonde: [email protected] and co., tribute to @allmanbrothers @GreggAllman (I continue weeping, and dancing) https://t.co/kumipD4hws
https://t.co/OGKvsmm0AS @nodepression #prucha #banjo #bluegrass
RT @FreshGrassFest: "I can't wait...[The festival] is already blowing my mind." @brandicarlile talking to the @BerkshireEagle https://t.co/bmX28qwjR4
A happy moment with @molly_tuttle from @AmericanaFest @CompassRecords https://t.co/nq53nBnhcB
RT @SteveMartinToGo: If you don't know about bluegrass, this lineup would teach you everything you need to know about bluegrass. https://t.co/XVGVXZITfK
RT @annkpowers: Come see me in my old SF haunt! https://t.co/C92JYBvkl2
Looking forward to playing Sept 23 @BallState #priushall #indiana Tix here: https://t.co/RTBZRPWp0h https://t.co/UhinjkZsjk
RT @CompassRecords: Follow @alisononbanjo @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl #justadded "Human Highway" by @RebeccaFlatpick https://t.co/pae0yBG5Tl
RT @CompassRecords: #videopremiere @thebootdotcom @OldSaltUnion cover @PaulSimonMusic "You Can Call Me Al" produced by @alisononbanjo https://t.co/SOolb76peb
RT @bensurratt: Holy smokes, what a day! session for the new @CompassRecords @TheNewHip release w/@alisononbanjo @sierrahull… https://t.co/H7zvvMcq48
A cover of #poweroftwo by @Indigo_Girls for @TheBGSituation #catpics https://t.co/V3Hmz7TPk9
RT @IntlBluegrass: 1st woman to win an IBMA instrumentalist award? @alisononbanjo Alison Brown, for Banjo Player of the Year, 1991. https://t.co/yZNGNQcePR 2/6
RT @IntlBluegrass: Happy birthday, Alison Brown, from all of us here at IBMA, and thank you for all you do for bluegrass! https://t.co/0RYoH5pdSw
RT @FreshGrassFest: Happy birthday to FreshGrass friend @alisononbanjo! Can’t wait to see her again in September. https://t.co/RakE0to3zb
RT @IntlBluegrass: Looking for tickets to Wide Open Bluegrass? Look no farther! Get them now at https://t.co/iIckHq3kvq
RT @TheBGSituation: With @alisononbanjo producing, @OldSaltUnion's self-titled record became the most honest representation of OSU yet. https://t.co/DpGpHhtLBL
I'm very excited for my friends in Old Salt Union whose self-titled album is out today. I had a great time wo... https://t.co/RSTu26IzAq
RT @TheBGSituation: With @alisononbanjo producing, @OldSaltUnion's self-titled record became the most honest representation of OSU yet. https://t.co/DpGpHhtLBL
RT @FreshGrassFest: Fresh news: This year @alisononbanjo will present The Compass Bluegrass All-Stars, including special guest + living… https://t.co/uVqZ7wcJeF
RT @amosperrine: https://t.co/CYMEirf6T9 @AmericanaFest @AmerSongwriter @KenPaulson7 @KyleCoroneos @amershow @nodepression @AltCBeyond @alisononbanjo
RT @pmontoro: The Reader needs a part-time editor in the music section. Please RT to get this query outside my personal network! Women and POC encouraged.
RT @CompassRecords: New friends @Bonnaroo @TheBGSituation @edhelms @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #superjam https://t.co/ummCQubK0p
RT @bensurratt: New music from @TheNewHip https://t.co/GFx1vzHkMI
My article in @nodepression #picklikeagirl https://t.co/UM3VPfkY1k
RT @nodepression: Hope you're enjoying that copy of our Spring issue, Shannon @McNally! The rest of you can grab a subscription here.… https://t.co/5E22z6JxFw
From @nodepression #original https://t.co/xWlNS0Q0LW
@TwangNation in case you missed this #bluegrass #legend #beegees #NewMusicFriday https://t.co/bC7sJG4KBh
RT @sierrahull: Happy Release Day, Bobby! It's a wonderful album. So proud to be a part! https://t.co/8V39jcq8gC
A great profile of #original the new album from @bobbyosbornertx, @stringdusters on main stage & more in this month… https://t.co/1EFJK8UJXG
RT @TheBGSituation: [email protected]'s new album, Original, is one of his best ever -- and you can listen to the entire thing at BGS: https://t.co/UaO4Jn8MBp
Great fun tonight with @Indigo_Girls and @joan_osborne Thanks for the tunes! https://t.co/2MGjF8Ff5f
Thanks for speaking on this @sierrahull @vincegill @sam_bush @billboard @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #Original https://t.co/AQ5WQg1o4j
RT @BluegrassToday: Alison Brown banjo bag available from Compass https://t.co/TOjLugAmpe https://t.co/Nz0BV5mMKi
RT @CompassRecords: Excited to see @bobbyosbornertx at #1! Congratulations all! @alisononbanjo https://t.co/612Bs1L1Ji
RT @KrugerBrothers: With my friend @alisononbanjo ~Jens https://t.co/mreE9V7JMW
RT @sierrahull: @alisononbanjo @MerleFest @bobbyosbornertx @WDVX @CompassRecords Such a great track!
RT @CathyandMarcy: Fun happened @Deering_Banjos booth @MerleFest with @alisononbanjo and Cathy duets! #banjo https://t.co/GvzNGKJpXW
@delmccouryband Happy Birthday Robbie! x Alison
@kaiakater Awesome - Pick it solid! X Alison
Driving home from @MerleFest. Heard @bobbyosbornertx Goodbye Wheeling on @WDVX from his @CompassRecords CD ORIGINAL. Thanks for the spin!
RT @nodepression: Hey there, it's a brand new #FreshTrack courtesy of Quiles & Cloud. https://t.co/HYqczkmpCA https://t.co/c5P7sbb1EU
RT @CompassRecords: New @bobbyosbornertx on @Spotify https://t.co/ZOL2TZVZlJ @alisononbanjo @ClaireLynchBand @RobandTreymusic @sierrahull #stuartduncan #ibma
Bobby's first music video. What fun to be part of this with @ClaireLynchBand @sierrahull @RobandTreymusic… https://t.co/QO0Pb8ERmH
RT @IntlBluegrass: This man never rested on his awesome laurels. We're thrilled @bobbyosbornertx's making new music on @CompassRecords. https://t.co/HBIHMcK1R3
RT @sam_bush: On the Road: Sam w/Steve Martin, @SteepCanyon, @JerryDouglas, @TimOBrienmusic & @alisononbanjo at @Opry on 3/19. Ph… https://t.co/ZBYga2c5ff
RT @RhiannonGiddens: Me and @alisononbanjo jamming while @SteveMartinToGo chills in the background...you can't make this stuff up! https://t.co/OEsIectGLH
The next thing to come out of the Compass studio will be the new album #original from #bluegrass #icon… https://t.co/Ob3qiaqz8q
RT @opry: EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes for the making of ORIGINAL, the new album from #Opry icon, Bobby Osborne. Pre-order 👉… https://t.co/zIW7JpP2YD
Group shot around the board with @OldSaltUnion. Keep an eye out! https://t.co/thkYxUYjr3
Working with @delmccouryband on the new @bobbyosbornertx album #bluegrass #livinglegends @CompassRecords https://t.co/ImejqJVFDg
Nice to see #mattmalloy of @thechieftains in #nashville for @MusicCityIrish @CompassRecords https://t.co/uHcojVRd1z
RT @CompassRecords: Tune in to @facebooklive shortly for @alisononbanjo @Gaffalo making music. #galwaygirl #galwaygirls #irishmusic https://t.co/6q9R4yJ7ss
Had a blast putting some banjo on this one. Out today! #fiercemercy @ColinHay https://t.co/pmQl4exUFa
Fun backstage @FranklinTheatr @altanmusic @JerryDouglas #altan #anniversary https://t.co/iWtiTaZQKU
Looking forward to sitting in with @altanmusic tonight @FranklinTheatr @MusicCityIrish
Added a #laurielewis track to my @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl @CompassRecords https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Keep Calm and Pick On by Compass Records Group #keepcalmandpickon @delmccouryband @alisononbanjo #playl… https://t.co/r7nfVCotef
RT @CompassRecords: Thanks @jimlauderdale1 for singing on the new @bobbyosbornertx album #comingsoon @alisononbanjo #bluegrass… https://t.co/aM5KxZ6XHW
Added a track from @BearfootBand to the #playlist @Spotify #picklikeagirl https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
Thank you @Paste_Music for including me in this piece https://t.co/tW9qKb8ZLD #bluegrass #glassceiling
RT @nodepression: Bluegrass cover of “Seven Nation Army”? Yes, please. @Bankesters @CompassRecords https://t.co/kR0i3b06Q3
RT @mandolincafe: The New Normal? Crowdfunding Bobby Osborne, an interview w/ @CompassRecords @alisononbanjo & Bobby Osborne… https://t.co/5tQNS1F7SX
RT @CompassRecords: New track added to #picklikeagirl @alisononbanjo playlist @LaurieLewis @ronstadtlinda #nowplaying https://t.co/pae0yBG5Tl
RT @JamUSA: New Infamous @stringdusters album now streaming! Catch them at #ParkWest on 3/17! https://t.co/3rlcFnSOeM
RT @MerleHazard: Enjoyed talking w @ManuelaBBC about interest rates, politics, & my talented banjo-playing friend, @alisononbanjo. https://t.co/ac4Vg5Yjj3
Please enjoy! https://t.co/AiN56w8qn1 #christmas #Playlist https://t.co/AiN56w8qn1
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying #Bluegrass #Christmas #Playlist by Compass Records Group ft. @alisononbanjo @hillbenders @clairelynchba… https://t.co/yYsgUClJSx
Claire Lynch - NORTH BY SOUTH - #GRAMMY NOMINEE 2017 @RecordingAcad #grammys2017 #GrammyNominations #GrammyAwards https://t.co/7VceGKtJmx
RT @theKELword: What a fantastically joyful way to ring in the holidays and close out our Hangin' & Sangin' year. Hallelujah, every… https://t.co/SZ2TmdrXk4
Congratulations @ClaireLynchBand on @GRAMMYPro nomination! Loved being in the studio making this @CompassRecords… https://t.co/qtDoJw9AFK
RT @BillKristol: Are you a man or mouse? Squeak up! (4/ and END)
RT @BillKristol: politicians engaging in short-term pandering rather than long-term sound policy. To today's conservative economists and commentators: (3/)
RT @BillKristol: about the modern administrative state: arbitrary government bullying, no rule of law, no limited government, crony capitalism...(2/)
RT @BillKristol: Trump on Carrier/Rexnord embodies pretty much everything American conservatives loathe (or are supposed to loathe)... (1/)
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RT @CompassRecords: Nice profile on @alisononbanjo in @mmusicmag featuring the #360video with @kebmomusic https://t.co/4FCLKOhML3 #WhatsGoingOn
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl by @alisononbanjo today's feature is @kakiking #picklikeagirl #greatmusic #notruemaste… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
RT @CompassRecords: A great concert for a great cause 10/20 @alisononbanjo @Indigo_Girls @ClaireLynchBand @FoundryAthens… https://t.co/u8WRJe23nG
Some of our friends are headed to @AcmeNashville tonight to see @WayDownWanderer #nashville #musiccity #NewMusicFriday
Lovely @ElleKingMusic rocked @opry & I added her to my @Spotify #playlist #picklikeagirl https://t.co/8q13vkeDo0
RT @ColinHay: Thanks to @thelumineers for the addition of "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" to their @Spotify playlist! https://t.co/fbdV1Ivhjw
RT @CompassRecords: Win #1 #teamcompass Fireball best instrumental recorded performance @IntlBluegrass #awards @specialconsenss @RobandTreymusic @alisononbanjo
RT @hearth_music: Great finale to our packed Hot Chicken Party! @alisononbanjo + @kaiakater singing "Banjo Pickin' Girl"… https://t.co/7RHYzZhjfg
Today @AmericanaFest #AmericanaFest #roadtoamericanafest https://t.co/wBfPojfgyp
RT @hearth_music: Hot Chicken Lunch Party w/ @MerleFest & Friends! [email protected] Nashville! @kaiakater @doriFreeman @alisononbanjo @hearth_music @IntlBluegrass
RT @BluegrassLifers: It's a #banjo thing. #bluegrasslife #banjolife #banjoartseries https://t.co/BMs37XgC5K
RT @nodepression: You never know what you're going to get at an @alisononbanjo set -- but you know it's going to be good! https://t.co/2cChaZIRRD
RT @CompassRecords: @alisononbanjo #banjocat #picklikeagirl https://t.co/18AtFI3OGK
We play the music of #theband #lastwaltz #grassdwaltz tonite @FreshGrassFest 6:15. Hope to see you all there!
Here we are @FreshGrassFest! Excited to play and see everybody...
RT @CompassRecords: Release day! @ClaireLynchBand #northbysouth @alisononbanjo @belafleckbanjo @JerryDouglas #davidgrier #stuartduncan https://t.co/wBAfSkiIYE
Tutorial up 4 members of https://t.co/DCp3UAhBEX. Sign up for more videos & special offers #banjocat #picklikeagirl https://t.co/Rx8P23YELN
RT @hearth_music: Excited about our Hot Chicken Lunch @AmericanaFest Thurs Sept 22- @MerleFest @IntlBluegrass @doriFreeman @kaiakater https://t.co/cde473uys2
RT @Hilary_Saunders: ahh @TheLowestPair is in @alisononbanjo’s Pick Like a Girl @spotify playlist! yes yes, y’all! https://t.co/0dX53XDzqO
RT @FreshGrassFest: What more could you ask for?! @Glen_Hansard @crowmedicine @RickySkaggs @rosannecash @thedevilmakes3 @stringdusters https://t.co/fMhFUZuFn4
RT @MASS_MoCA: @alisononbanjo pumped to see you at @FreshGrassFest, and pumped we'll be seeing you on the stage twice!
RT @Hilary_Saunders: just spoke with queen @alisononbanjo + now blasting this Pick Like A Girl playlist she curated until Fri’s deadline https://t.co/0dX53XDzqO
RT @annkpowers: Nickelback just released a Don Henley cover, is this the apocalypse
RT @CompassRecords: Preview the new album #northbysouth by @ClaireLynchBand on #Spotify https://t.co/X3uEzek7Dd @lynnmilesmusic @RonSexsmith
RT @TheBGSituation: A banjo great & an @IntlBluegrass award-nominated producer, all wrapped into one: @alisononbanjo. #MeettheProducer https://t.co/nQyLOafMF7
RT @kebmomusic: If you haven’t yet, check out my vocal performance on @alisononbanjo’s version of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On! https://t.co/SVKNDWDNfA
RT @CompassRecords: We are getting excited for @alisononbanjo at @FreshGrassFest - get your tix now! https://t.co/JkukiAbvMG #massmoca https://t.co/2g5iLRcPkX
RT @nodepression: From Harvard to investment banking to bluegrass: #AlisonBrown’s unique path. @alisononbanjo https://t.co/eyudGzclVS https://t.co/6oc4R0p4So
@hearth_music awesome! Best to email our pub dept in office [email protected] Thank you!!
@hearth_music thought you guys might like to know about this Irish music group from France https://t.co/896cMbyZ6T buzz me if you have ?s
@SharonIsbin @ThinkYouKnowMus many thanks and happy birthday to you as well!
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl by @alisononbanjo Today's featured track is "Someday" by @aniellereid #picklikeagirl #… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
Don't miss Alison @freshgrassfest 9/18! Fest & single day tix: https://t.co/SUff4b5AhC #freshgrassfest #massmoca https://t.co/RFkfXmxzLS
RT @CompassRecords: Kinda magical & @nickibluhm's bangs are epic https://t.co/gy2DpvUC2v @pitchfork #classic #collaboration #ryanadams @stringdusters
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl custom playlist from @alisononbanjo Today's featured track is Ruby, Are You Mad at You… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
RT @CompassRecords: #NowPlaying Pick Like a Girl Custom playlist from @alisononbanjo Including a great track from a good friend @abigai… https://t.co/vi5u6nhH1f
@allsongs How about French band playing Irish music, produced by John Doyle + hip hop? https://t.co/gcwkZ7Xs5s
@stephenmdeusner thought you might appreciate this. John Doyle produced French band playing Irish music + hip hop https://t.co/gcwkZ7FRdU
https://t.co/nVtqweaEqZ @bobbyosbornertx #bluegrass #mandolin https://t.co/fRN6390hzy
RT @grecian13: @alisononbanjo Carolina In The Pines - next on Country Belles https://t.co/BdJQcZLiyl
A lot of fun things planned for this year's @FreshGrassFest #theband #andfriends #massmoca https://t.co/SUff4aNZq4 https://t.co/hykb9F2ji1
RT @sstolen: @alisononbanjo @billevansestate @tomwaits @leeritenour all tonight on the big show 6p/Eastern #StolenMoments @wfyi
A #spotify #playlist for the holiday weekend! #4thofJulyweekend #picklikeagirl #banjocat https://t.co/fSmToL84eM https://t.co/jbjcfqGUBT
RT @bySheilaSelby: Nice PBS column by @alisononbanjo of @CompassRecords abt following ur passion. https://t.co/eK60a4J4Sy #bluegrass #music #banjo
RT @CompassRecords: Great piece on @alisononbanjo from @NewsHour https://t.co/IdS8O3xMhw #smartgirls #boss #banjo #passion #banjocat https://t.co/Vi9Y5kM24H
RT @CompassRecords: A great cover story about @alisononbanjo at @BanjoNewsletter #thesongofthebanjo https://t.co/u9K6vY1wmF https://t.co/zmC0KQOXFg
Alison profiled in Banjo Newsletter https://t.co/KN20wEI5hs
From the show in France. Thanks for the great photos! https://t.co/VAHFxjtwxE https://t.co/lKxdfQjD2U
European tour starts Friday night! For info, click here - https://t.co/nLHAZdDaFc https://t.co/KQR13c7k8T
In studio @SIRIUSXM with Special Consensus #bluegrassjunction #bluegrass https://t.co/HqcwqSOtAc
Getting ready for #Europe #france #germany #switzerland #CzechRepublic #TravelTuesday https://t.co/B7N90HKjWu https://t.co/7ZJ84GtBXE
RT @mkusa10: A Grammy winner and one of the best 5-string pickers out there. Been a fan for years. https://t.co/NvzpyqHH0U @alisononbanjo
@mkusa10 Thanks so much for posting this!
RT @SG_Milligan: WoodSongs On FolkNRoots Radio This Week https://t.co/JSGovfSoC8 @alisononbanjo @FrankSolivan @RobandTreymusic @CompassRecords #FolkNRoots
#TravelTuesday great day to announce European tourdates - FR, GER, CHE, CZ https://t.co/vVNGp7DsX0 https://t.co/O7z0eEMwqS
RT @CompassRecords: Nice mentions for these two! @alisononbanjo @MikeFarrisMusic https://t.co/kPz4eY6ebq
RT @CompassRecords: Named another favorite moment @alisononbanjo @MerleFest https://t.co/tXOmyFHmJx
Backstage with Jens Kruger of @KrugerBrothers @MerleFest #backstage #banjo #collaboration https://t.co/YpYzfuYnAN
RT @CompassRecords: Great show! @alisononbanjo w @webanjo3 @merlefest @ MerleFest https://t.co/GjxPrDomhc
RT @CompassRecords: Busy day for @alisononbanjo @MerleFest 3:00 Hillside Stage, 5:45 Walker Center https://t.co/a1Oe3KevPr
RT @CompassRecords: @alisononbanjo and Jens Kruger @krugerbrothers #backstage @merlefest @ MerleFest https://t.co/ntUOq2gYt5
RT @MerleFest: At the #MerleFest Watson stage on Thursday its @alisononbanjo. https://t.co/2IpvAZRO00
RT @MerleFest: Want to meet @alisononbanjo? Join us at the autograph booth at #MerlefestMall by 8pm to get your gear signed! #Merlefest2016 #MeetAndGreet
RT @CompassRecords: Dig this banjo lovers. #banjo #badass #bluegrass #likewhoa #stringdusters https://t.co/sb0Iy9trrI
RT @CompassRecords: We're getting excited for @MerleFest! Check out the official @spotify playlist, featuring a bunch of Compass artists https://t.co/rcXepBTswU
Banjo Workshop w/ @alisononbanjo in Fort Lauderdale. FL on 4/17 https://t.co/Xfh4TDXlHa #banjo #FortLauderdaleBeach https://t.co/40xYXcpbQ6
@SXMKyle Looking forward to the premiere of 'Compass Points’ on @SXMBluegrass today @ 12pEST! https://t.co/Y4SaM2gizI
RT @nodepression: [email protected] shines—but leaves plenty of spotlight for others—on this all-star album. https://t.co/KduyJV6nhb https://t.co/X6yTrcPID7
VIDEO PREMIERE: Instrumental Mash-up of "Here Comes the Sun" and "Águas de Março"

In the spirit of better days to come, GRAMMY-winner Alison Brown is premiering a new video featuring the Alison Brown Quintet performing a mash-up of The Beatles' classic "Here Comes the Sun" and Brazilian composer Tom Jobim's "Águas de Março’" ("Waters of March").

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Alison Brown’s 2000 classic album FAIR WEATHER celebrates its 20th anniversary with a limited release on vinyl

Available August 21, 2020 on Compass Records

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On Tour with Steve Martin & Martin Short

Had lots of fun playing with Della Mae on the Steve Martin & Martin Short Tour this month! I look forward to joining them again soon - click for dates and to get tickets.

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The First Ladies of Bluegrass in The Country Music Hall of Fame American Currents Exhibit

Very honored and excited to be included in the upcoming American Currents exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame together with my First Ladies of Bluegrass pals Becky Buller, Missy Raines, Molly Tuttle and Sierra Hull!

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The First Ladies of Bluegrass: Live Debut at RockyGrass Fest

Thanks to Bluegrass Today for the great shout out for the First Ladies of Bluegrass set at RockyGrass. What a joy to make music with this talented bunch!

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